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GETURI is the original and most powerful IBMi (System i, iSeries,AS/400) HTTP client! It's like cURL or wGet for your IBMi!


  • Communicate with web servers, web services and more!
  • Allows HEAD, GET and POST requests
  • Simulate a web page file upload
  • Great for XML, SOAP, or proprietary HTTP communications
  • Communicate with credit card, shipping and other more common services
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) functionality including client authentication over SSL
  • Store returned results in a physical file, stream file, or display them on the screen
  • API interface allows easy integration with other applications
  • Great alternantive to the WGET command for the IBM i
  • 100% native application

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Get URI (GETURI) Price: $599.00

Current Version: 4.09

GETURI Testimonials
GETURI is very powerful. As I wrap up the interface I am writing using your GETURI program, I started thinking how powerful this is. We are starting to get more and more requests to interface legacy data and programs that sit on the AS400 with other pc based systems... I know that there are more and more web services being written.What I like about your program is that it is very simple to install and start using. It is native to the 400 and doesn’t require 12 engineering degrees to program into. The price is nothing compared to other solutions. Thanks again for your quick response and help. - Robie Pace, Manager of Services, The Systems Specialist, Inc

My client wanted to perform real-time street validation using UPS Online Tools. This required an HTTP POST of XML data and the use of SSL. Thanks to GETURI I was able to develop and implement the project quickly and easily. The client is extremely happy, so much so that they are now looking towards using similar techniques to use other services supplied by UPS, e.g. Shipment Tracking. GETURI works great and Bradley's support has been excellent. - Andy Stafford, Sr. Technical Consultant, The Mesa Group, Jacksonville FL.

I just wanted to follow-up with you and let you know that our testing has gone very well and your tool is a big reason why. Thanks to your GETURI tool we saved a ton of development time and delivered a very fast and functional product. Thanks for your support and suggestions. - Dan McTamney, Sr Programmer/Analyst, DeLage Landen Financial Services

Since we are at the start of a project offering creditcard payments over the Internet our first goal has been reached : prove that it was fairly simple to communicate with other companies... Thanks to the GETURI command we convinced everybody that it is possible. - Richard Aalten, Team Leader - Dutch Chambers of Commerce
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We were struggling with untangling the mess of understanding and controlling FTP and writing exit programs to process what we received. FTPTOOL simplified the process 1000%. Easy to install and set up and supported by a software vendor who really cares. Wish all software vendors were as easy to deal with and as supportive! - Lee Woxen, States Logistics Services Inc
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