BVSTools - Books and Training


Training and Consulting Provided:
  • The IBM i Port of the YAJL JSON Parsing and Generation Library
  • CGI Programming with RPG (eRPG)
  • The CGIDEV2 Toolkit
  • HTTP Configuration
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) Setup and Integration
  • Web Service (RESTful) Setup and Implementation
  • FTP Security Configuration
  • Specialized Programming Solutions
  • General IBM i (AS400, iSeries, /System i) Consulting

eRPG Software Development Kit (eRPG SDK)

The eRPG SDK was created using a foundation of the programming techniques, subprocedures and wrappers discussed in the best selling web development media in the history of the IBM i, the eRPG series of books.

Buliding upon the foundation of the CGI APIs, standard APIs and using a good dose of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE), the fast, easy, and scalable eRPG SDK was created! View the eRPG SDK for more information.