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BVS/Tools - Spooled File Tool (SPLTOOL) - Convert Spooled files to PDF, HTML, RTF or TXT on your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i)

Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) is the original and most popular IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) spooled file distribution tool! Convert spooled files to PDF easily and quickly.

Additional features allow you to overlay and concatenate PDF files, add passwords to PDF files as well as add barcodes to existing PDF files!


Overlay Examples:

Bill of Lading Overlay PDF File
Bill of Lading Merged with Overlay
Invoice Overlay PDF File
Invoice Merged with Overlay

Current Version: v11.00
Current Price Per Partition: $1.19 USD Per Day (subscription based price).
Discounts applied for Development, test and HA/DR partitions
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