BVSNews - The Newsletter - Issue 20 - February 18, 2014

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BVSTools Finally Gets a Facelift! 

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally given BVSTools a facelift making the site easier to use, and easier on the eyes!

Using a combination of the eRPG SDK (for CGI and AJAX calls), jQuery as well as a few jQuery addons we've made the page more functional, more intuitive, and also were able to show off some of our web application skills that up until now we've reserved for our customers.

We've also incorporated the use of our MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus software as well as our newest offerings, GreenTools for Google Apps, specifically the Google Calendar Addon.

MAILTOOL is used to automatically send you an email when you request a key, as well as let us know when a key or invoice is requested.  

The Google Calendar Addon (G4GGCAL) is used to automatically add reminders to a specific Google Calendar when you request a temporary key.  This then allows us to read the calendar and automatically send an email asking if there are any questions, as well as letting you know you can always request a new key.  

Although our temporary keys are for 30 days, we realize that time can easily slip away, or we can get pulled into another project.  That's why we give you the control to get a key when YOU need from our website.

Yes, this site requires Javascript be turned on.  

Yes this site requires that you use Chrome, Firefox, or IE 10 or higher.

Those are all GOOD things in today's world.   Heck, even requires those things!  So why shouldn't we?  (tic)

Anyhow, feel free to please contact us if you run into any issues on the site, or if you think there's anything we should add!

BVSTools Adds New SSL Documentation

We mentioned this before, but thought it was worth mentioning again.  As Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and TLS become more popular it will be important to understand how to use these technologies on the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400, etc).

We often are helping customers with setting up SSL for our GETURI or MAILTOOL products so we decided to put together documentation that that will help.

If there is any other documentation that you feel would help make the experience of using or products, please let us know!

MAILTOOL Get Major Updates with the Addition of ILE Functions!

In the past when you wanted to call MAILTOOL from a program (RPG, COBOL, etc) you needed to use the sometimes "ugly" QCMDEXC.  This meant that you need to get all your apostrophes and spacing right so the command would run without error.

With MAILTOOL v7.00 and higher, we've now added a host of updates including ILE functions!  Now, calling an email from your RPG program is as easy as this:

  if (#mailtool_init() >= 0);                                                
    #mailtool_setValue('subject':'test email');                         
    #mailtool_setValue('message':'this is the message \n\n newline.');  

That's right, it's so easy anyone could do it!  No more messing with the QCmdExc API.

Other updates in MAILTOOL v7.00 are as follows:

  • The use of JSON configuration files that can be used to customize the defaults for each and every available parameter.  These files include a global default, defaults by user, and the ability to set the configuration file you want to use before calling the ILE functions.
  • Automatic creation of debug files when an email fails, even when DEBUG is turned off.  No more trying to recreate the issue to send us the debug files.
  • Debug files default now to unique names with the new ID placement in the file names.
  • The ability to leave the connection "open" when sending multiple emails.  This means that once you're connected to your mail router, you can leave the connection open and send multiple emails in a row saving both time and resources.
If you're running an older version of MAILTOOL, we encourage you to take advantage of the new features and download MAILTOOL now.

If you're not a user of MAILTOOL Plus and are still relying on the  IBM SMTP server for mail delivery, we also strong suggest taking a look at all the features MAILTOOL Plus as to offer.

See the MAILTOOL documentation for more information and examples.

GreenTools for Google Apps Gets ILE Function Updates

Along with MAILTOOL, GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) and it's addons also received updates so that the functionality is more easily called from your ILE programs.

See the GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) documentation for more information.

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