BVSNews - The Newsletter - Issue 21 - August 11, 2014

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Help us Build a Community at

We have put together as an IBM i community site to help share ideas, provide product announcements and support, and for customers to share how they are using a particular piece of software in their environment.

Yes, there are other communities out there, but we've noticed in the last few years there isn't one cohesive "peer-based" and "real world situations" site where we can go to get and share information (and not be afraid to say "AS/400").  We thought we'd give it a try with and the forums provided by  But it will only work with your help.

One reason for this site is to allow vendors like us to set up a section for product announcements.  We've tried Twitter and Linked in, but we don't feel we're reaching our intended audience.  With a section for each Vendor or ISV that wants it, we can provide a place for customers and users to visit at their own leisure for information.

Another idea is product support.  If there is an issue that will affect many customers, the information could be covered here already, providing solutions for others that may run into the same problems.  Click Here for a perfect example. is open to one and all.  We encourage everyone, even vendors and ISVs, to join so we can have a common place for support as well as the sharing of ideas.  Something the IBM, or AS/400, Community desperately needs.

So, please help us put together a community that is fun, peer-oriented, and also educational by going to to sign up and start sharing today!
Need a Third Hand for a Project?

There are times when we could all use a third hand.  For years, along with providing software and support, BVSTools also has taken on many consulting and programming projects.  

Some of the projects were smaller.  A case where just a little extra help was needed to get a job done, or someone to bounce ideas off of.  While other projects are larger and continue to exist in a "retainer" type of fashion.

Feel free to contact us if you have such a need.  We're efficient, easy to work with, and our rates are fair.

MAILTOOL and SPLTOOL Take Advantage of Configuration Files

With the latest update to MAILTOOL a lot of new features have come along the way.  One of them is the use of configuration files which at first, was mainly used when sending email from an ILE program (such as RPG).

The MAILTOOL (as well as the SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands) have been updated to allow you to use a configuration file right on the command.

The new parameter, which allows you to specify a configuration file to use for the email, will override all the parameters on the MAILTOOL (or SPL2EMAIL) command except for the recipients (TO, CC, BCC), Message, Subject and Attachment parameters.

An example of a new command would look something like this:

SUBJECT('Testing config file')
MESSAGE('This is a test of the config file')
As you can see, the number of parameters required are really shrunk down to the basics.

See the MAILTOOL documentation as well as the Field Exit Form Post on the Subject for more information and examples.

GreenTools for Google Apps Adds Contacts Functionality

GreenTools For Google Apps (G4G) recently was updated with functionality to allow you to retrieve Contact Lists and information from your Google Account.

Now you can you use Google Account for a virtual address book freeing up storage and complexity on your system.

The Google Cloud Print and Google Calendar functions also are growing in popularity and still available. 

See the GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) documentation for more information.

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Bradley V. Stone

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