UPDATE 11/29/2022 : There is a possible fix that has been verified with a number of customers in the udpated article.

This notice is for users of our MAILTOOL Plus product that also use Office 365 as their mail Server/Router for sending emails from their IBM i (AS/400, System i, etc). 

Who Does this Notice Affect?
This notice is ONLY for users using MAILTOOL Plus and Office 365 as their mail router. You will know this is you if the SPL2EMAIL, SPL2EMAILB, and/or MAILTOOL command specifies the following parameters:


What is the Issue?
A few weeks ago the Microsoft Office 365 servers started experiencing random errors.  Some are dropped sockets, and some are invalid responses from the servers themself.  This causes emails to fail to send out properly. 

More details as well as steps and possible solutions can be found in this article named Microsoft Office 365 Servers and Random Errors Issue.

Bradley V. Stone


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