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Important Information - Address Change

My address will be changing October 1st, 2007 to the following:

Bradley V. Stone
201 Mapleridge Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

If you require an updated W9 or any other information with this new address, please contact Bradley at

RPG Skills Accellerator 2 Now Available

Bradley has just completed the RPG Skills Accellerator 2 manual. This manual is a great addition to the already popular RPG Skills Accellerator which was released a few years ago.

Topics included in this new manual are:

  • Command Processing using RPG
  • Making the most of eRPG Toolkits
  • Using Pointers in RPG Programs
  • Debugging RPG Programs
  • Many more!

This new manual will be distributed by Rochester Initiative and available soon.

You can view more of the training manuals and books written by Bradley at the following link:

Keeping Software Log Files in Check

Many software offerings from include the use of log files that periodically should be cleared or archived.

Software such as SPLTOOL and MAILTOOL include such log files.

With SPLTOOL, the file SPLLOGPF is used to log commands that are run from within SPLTOOL.

With MAILTOOL, MLTLOGPF file is used to log emails sent using MAILTOOL.

These files can potentially fill up causing a MSGW status on your applications. Because of this, you will need to write your own routine to archive and/or delete records from these files.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Added to MAILTOOL

MAILTOOL has now been updated to allow the use of SSL enabled mail servers through the functionality of the MAILTOOL Plus Addon.

This means that if you are a current user of MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus and SSL is being used, or will be used in the future, for your mail router or delivery the functionality will be there.

An example of this is using GMail from Google. Google recently put together applications for businesses, including email support. Should you use this service, or another like it, you may be required to use SSL to deliver email.

PLAIN and LOGIN authentication was also recently added to MAILTOOL Plus. This is a feature that is lacking in the IBM SMTP server and comes in very handy if you are using a mail router or delivering email to servers that require authentication.

I thank all of the users that suggest updates and enhancements as well as report bugs. With any of my software should you need a new feature, or find a bug, please feel free to send this information to us.

You can download the latest version of MAILTOOL by clicking here.

Interested in GUI Front-Ends for Software? is interested in knowing if any customers would be interested in GUI front ends for any of our software.

For example, SPLTOOL or MAILTOOL could have GUI front ends developed for them (most likely web-based thin clients) allowing users to get away from the Green-Screen interfaces.

If you are interested, please contact us to let us know!

Have an Idea for a New Solution?

Most if not all of our software was created because either we had a need for it, or our customers requested a specific solution. The chances are if you need it, most others do.

We encourage our customers to contact us with any needs they may have for custom applications or tools.

If your shop doesn't have the time and/or manpower, we are happy to help fill the gaps when we can.

Contact Us for more information or to share your needs and ideas!




Featured Testimonial

"This version of your tool [AFPTOOL] works wonders on our invoices. Will save us thousands of dollars in labor from scanning a printed invoice and then attaching it manually to emails to our customers."

See more testimonials at


FAQ Snap Shot Featured Software

This week's FAQ Snap Shot is taken from the main FAQ page located at

Q: I just upgraded to V5R3 (or higher). Are there any updates I need for any of your software?

A: IBM made some "security" changes to V5R3 (and above) and didn't make them very well known. This change affects almost all software that uses the /tmp directory for temporary storage.

This includes software like SPLTOOL, MAILTOOL and AFPTOOL. To fix this, use the following command:


Click Here for the IBM APAR details on this issue.

More FAQs can be found at FAQs specific to software can be found in the software documentation section at

AFP Tool (AFPTOOL) - Convert AFPDS Documents to PDF and More!

AFP Tool (AFPTOOL) allows you to convert AFPDS spooled files to PDF, TIFF or PCL documents with one easy command.

As part of the SPLTOOL Suite, AFPTOOL will automatically be used to convert AFPDS type spooled files when any of the SPLTOOL command is used. This includes SPL2EMAIL, SPL2FTP, SPL2STMF or SPL2FLR!

No more wondering what command to use, now with AFPTOOL and SPLTOOL installed, one command will convert both SCS and AFPDS Spooled Files.

As with any software, if there are any features you would like to see added, feel free to contact us with your request!

For more information on AFPTOOL, feel free to visit or contact us directly.

You can find more software offerings from BVSTools at

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Bradley V. Stone

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