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Tax Status Updates for BVSTools, Inc.


In January of 2009 BVSTools incorporated. This changed our tax information required for the end of the year.

If you have not yet updated your records, especially if you will made a purchase this year, please contact us for an updated W9 form.

BVSTools Now Using Twitter

BVSTools has set up a Twitter site where you can get updates not only on software upgrades and new features, but also status of our website.

Late this year we had ISP issues causing our site to be up and down for a few days. Our Twitter site kept people following our Twitter Page up to date and also gave links to backups sites for downloads and documentation.

Please take the time to follow BVSTools on Twitter by going to

BVSTools and Google Sites

In order to provide better service and faster downloads, BVSTools is incorporating Google Sites.

We have already moved our documentation and downloads to Google Sites. Links on our current webpage will automatically take you to the appropriate location.

Using Google Sites allows us, among other things, to provide much faster download times of our software.

New Support Phone Number

BVSTools has a new support phone number. This new phone number uses Google Voice and will help us provide better support via phone.

The new phone number is as follows:




You can call this number directly or click on the link on our Contacts page to make the call for free.

PDF Concatenation Functionality Added to SPLTOOL

Version 9.40 of SPLTOOL now contains the PDFCONCAT parameter on the SPL2STMF, SPL2FTP and SPL2EMAIL commands.

This new parameter allows users to specify the path to an existing PDF file on your IFS to be automatically attached to the end of the PDF that is created by the aformentioned SPLTOOL commands.

This feature was requested by companies that email documents requiring such things as a standard disclaimer or any other literature to be attached to the PDFs created by SPLTOOL.

You can download the latest version of SPLTOOL by clicking here.

PDF Version Updated for SPLTOOL and AFPTOOL

Multiple customers have been having issues opening PDFs created by SPLTOOL or AFPTOOL on smartphones such as a Blackberry, iPhone, or Palm.

The reason for this is the PDF version that was being used by SPLTOOL and AFPTOOL was 1.1.

We have updated these commands to now create PDF versions using version 1.4 which should solve these issues.

Making Finding the Version Easier

BVSTools is updating it's software with the latest releases so that finding the version you are running is easier.

In the past the version was stored in the help text for the command. This sometimes made finding the version difficult.

SPLTOOL, MAILTOOL, AFPTOOL and GETURI now have their versions stored in data areas in their program libraries. The data area is the tool name followed by a V.

For example, to display the version of SPLTOOL you would use the command:


We hope this will make things easier for our customers, and as always are always happy to incorporate new ideas such as this.


Featured Testimonial

"I just downloaded SPLTOOL, MAILTOOL, and OUTQTRG and love it!

I've been looking at several other tools available and they don't even compare. These are straight forward, simple to install, easy to configure, easy to use, and a very small footprint. It looks like I will be able to implement these tools into our daily processing with ease.

So far the testing has been very positive as I'm sure that it will continue to roll on with out hassle. Thank you. Oh I didn't even mention the price is so affordable that I might even get a raise this year with all the money that I'm saving for us!!!"

See more testimonials at


FAQ Snap ShotFeatured Software

This week's FAQ Snap Shot is taken from the main FAQ page located at

How do I determine the version of your software that I am using?

Note: The latest releases of SPLTOOL, AFPTOOL, MAILTOOL and GETURI now store the versions in data areas named SPLTOOLV, AFPTOOLV, MAILTOOLV and GETURIV (respectivley). As other software is updated the version will move to data areas as well.

With any of our software, simply type the command on the command line, prompt on it, then move the cursor to the top line and press the help key. There you will see the version as well as contact information.

The OUTQTRG application is one exception. To find the version of this application simply type GO OUTQTRG on the command line and the version will be displayed at the top of the OUTQTRG menu display.

Example of finding the version for the SPLTOOL Software:

1. Type the command SPLTOOL on the command line (do NOT press Enter)
2. Press F4 to prompt
3. Move the cursor to the top of the command display. In this case it would be where it says "Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL)"
4. Press your help key. The version should now be displayed on the screen.

More FAQs can be found at FAQs specific to software can be found in the software documentation section at

Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) -The original and most popular iSeries spooled file distribution tool!

  • Convert *SCS spooled files to PDF, HTML, RTF, Text files
  • PDF, HTML and RTF Formats retain page formatting as well as attributes such as underlining and bold typeface
  • Add PDF Overlays to your PDF documents created by SPLTOOL. Add logos, letterheads, design forms, and more!
  • PDF Password Protection/Encryption to meet HIPAA standards
  • Copy spooled files to the IFS, a folder, send them via FTP or E-Mail (MAILTOOL required) them all with a simple command
  • Commands included allow conversion of a single spooled file, or with the "Batch" commands select multiple reports to convert at one time using wildcard selections
  • Easy to use interactive "WRKSPLF-Like" interface that makes converting spooled files a breeze
  • Interactive interface allows creation of user options, security features, defaults and more
  • 100% iSeries native application!

Add MAILTOOL and AFPTOOL and you know have the SPLTOOL Suite which can convert and email *SCS and *AFPDS spooled files all with one simply command!

For more information on SPLTOOL, feel free to visit or contact us directly.

You can find more software offerings from BVSTools at

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