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BVSTools Switches ISPs (again)

Over the past year you may have noticed our site up and down more often than normal.

We had signed up with an ISP that offered a new 4G technology to deliver high speed internet wirelessly. That company seemed to be having technical and business issues about a year after we signed up with them.

We decided to switch to a more established ISP a couple of months ago and so far report that service has been better than expected!

We apologize for any inconvenience that may have let to!

Temporary Keys, Not Just for Trials

BVSTools prides itself an giving our customers the best and most convenient methods of support. One of those methods is supplying temporary keys using our Quick Key feature which is located at the top of any page on our site.

The Quick Key feature allows you to request a temporary key to be automatically emailed to you on your time, and not have to wait for a response from us.

If you ever need a temporary key for any reason, it's there for you to use. Whether you need to do some DR/HA testing, are swapping to a new machine and don't yet have your new permenant keys, or simply want to test the software and it's functionality.

If there are any other services that we can provide please let us know and we would be happy to look into it.

Need Custom Programming, or Just Someone to Pick up a Little Slack? Contact Us!

In these days when it seems like time and money are both tight, sometimes it's nice to be able to pick up the phone and call someone to help pick up a little slack.

BVSTools has been offering customer programming and consulting services since day one. We have many satisfied customers and clients that still call us for help from time to time.

No matter how big or small, feel free to contact us to see if it's something we can help with!

Software and V6R1/V7R1 Compatibilty

We receive quite a few calls amd emails regarding OS upgrades and software compatibility. So far all of our software has been tested at the latest OS release and proven functional.

IBM's Virtual Loaner program is a great feature for ISVs like us as it allows us to set up a virtual machine at the latest OS to restore and test our software.

As always, if you ever do encounter any issues do feel free to contact us

MAILTOOL Plus Now Offers TLS Support

With MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus version 6.24 and higher, MAILTOOL now has the ability to communicate with servers that require SSL or TLS.

Some servers that may use these are GMail, Microsoft, and Yahoo for Buisiness.

More and more customers seem to be moving to these "cloud" services, especially for email. And because the base IBM email system doesn't offer SSL, TLS or even authentication, MAILTOOL Plus is becoming even more poplular with our customers.

We also offer support for setting up your System i to communicate with these systems as normally there is some administration required to install the proper Certificate Authorities.

You can download the latest version of MAILTOOL by clicking here.

OUTQTRG Supports More Data Than Ever

Output Queue Trigger (OUTQTRG) was recently updated to include a few new variables such as current date and time, and the spooled file creation date and time.

That adds to the ever growing list of data available to OUTQTRG and programs or commands that it interacts with!

Here is a complete list of all of the information available in OUTQTRG:

&F - File Name (10a)
&J - Job Name (10a)
&U - User (10a)
&N - Job Number (10a)
&S - Spooled File Number (6a)
&Q - Output Queue or Device Name (10a)
&L - Output Queue or Device Library Name (10a)
&R - User Data (10a)
&A - Accounting Code (15a)
&Y - Form Type (10a)
&X - Print Text (30a)
&D - User Defined Data (100a)
&G - Number of pages (15a)
&M - Machine/System Name (10a)
&CY - Current Year (4a)
&CM - Current Month (2a)
&CD - Current Day (2a)
&CH - Current Hour (2a)
&CN - Current Minutes (2a)
&CS - Current Seconds (2a)
&PY - Spooled File Creation Year (4a)
&PM - Spooled File Creation Month (2a)
&PD - Spooled File Creation Day (2a)
&PH - Spooled File Creation Hour (2a)
&PN - Spooled File Creation Minutes (2a)
&PS - Spooled File Creation Seconds (2a)

As you can see, that's a lot of information that you can pass to your command and/or program and should be enough to meet anyone's needs. But as always our software evolves with requests from customers. So if you see a need for anything, feel free to contact us!

You can download the latest version of OUTQTRG by clicking here.



Featured Testimonial

"Wow, you are a life saver! I absolutely appreciate how quickly you responded to our crisis. We sure thank you. You and your programming products are the greatest."

See more testimonials at


FAQ Snap ShotFeatured Software

This week's FAQ Snap Shot is taken from the MAILTOOL FAQ page located at

I use Google/Gmail as my mail server and am trying to use MAILTOOL. What do I need to do?

First, you need to make sure you're using MAILTOOL Plus and specifying the right parameters:

AUTHUSER(your gmail userid)
AUTHPW(your gmail password)

If this still doesn't work and you receive errors like this in the job log:

Error performing SSL handshake. There is no error. RC(23) errno(). Error sending email.

This means that you don't have the proper Certificate Authorities installed on your machine to communicate with Google's SMTP server. Contact us for more information on how to get this set up simply and easily!

More FAQs can be found at FAQs specific to software can be found in the software documentation section at

Output Queue Trigger (OUTQTRG)

Output Queue Trigger (OUTQTRG) allows you to easily and quickly set up specific applications to run when a spooled file enters the ready status on an output queue.

Customers team OUTQTRG with SPLTOOL and MAILTOOL to automatically convert spooled files to PDF and email them as attachments.

Once set up, no user intervention is required. The OUTQTRG application takes care of all the hard work!

  • Trigger any command or program to be run when a spooled file reaches an output queue.
  • Pass information to the command or program such as job name, job number, user, spooled file name, spooled file number and more in order to easily identify the spooled file
  • Trigger spooled files to be emailed, converted, archived, faxed, etc.
  • A perfect companion for SPLTOOL and MAILTOOL!
  • Endless possibilities
  • 100% iSeries native application

For more information on OUTQTRG, feel free to visit or contact us directly.

You can find more software offerings from BVSTools at

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