BVSNews - The Newsletter - Issue 24 - March 30, 2016

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Software News
BVSTools Ending Support for V5Rx Systems

BVSTools has been developing on a V5Rx machine now for a few years.  Over the next few months we will be slowly moving all development to a machine running V7R2.  This means the lowest OS version we will be able to support is V6R1.

We do realize we have a few customers still on V5Rx and will keep the last versions of our software available that will run on these OS versions. 

In certain cirumstances we may be willing to offer fixes and/or updates for the older V5Rx versions, but this will be at the current consulting rate since technically these older versions wil no longer be supported.

BVSTools Moves to Subscription Based Pricing

Last year the descision was made to move to a subscription based licensing plan.  You should have received a newsletter about this change as well as the details.  If not, you can find a copy of that newsletter our our website.

We have been finding a lot of customers are moving not only to cloud based solutions, but leasing hardware as well.  Each of these means that the serial number and model numbers will change often.

With subscription based pricing you are able to purchase licenses for specific partitions, just as before.  But, should you move to new hardware the remaining time on the license can be transferred to your new hardware as long as the old hardware is going out of service.

You are also able to purchase short term license keys for things like Disaster recovery or extended sotware development and testing.

At rates starting at .78 cents a day, it's hard to go wrong!

Share Your Personal Tesitmonial!

Here at BVSTools we love  the kind words our customers have to say about us. 

We also love to share these testimonials with others!  If you would like to put together a testimonial for any of our software, support, or services we have provided please  email them to and we will proudly and promptly put them on our website.
SPLTOOL Gets Update for V7R1 And Up

Recently we have updated SPLTOOL so that there is a new option for converting spooled files to PDF.

Since IBM added the option to also create PDF files and users may want to continue using some of our conversion interfaces and commands, we have updated SPLTOOL to allow you to choose whether you use the BVSTools PDF conversion or the IBM method.

This update allows you to set the conversion method for *SCS, *AFPDS or both types of spooled files to use IBM's newer method.

We have found some possible issues with IBM's conversion method and when using PDF overlays there may be alignment issue, but we are still looking into a way to remedy this.

For more details see this Field Exit Post explaining the details of this new update.

Want to Update your BVSTools Software Versions But The Library is Locked?  Check Out This Alternative Update Method.

We often hear from customers when they go to update the software that they can't because the software library is in the system library list, or for some other reason locked.  Therefore the library can't be renamed.

We have put together a Field Exit Article that deals with this issue and explains an alternative method for updating versions of our software that does not require renaming the library.

As always, we strongly encourage customers to keep up to date on software versions.  Updating versions of licensed software is always free, even if new license keys are required.

How to Determine Your Software Version

When providing support or even license keys, one important piece of information we require is the version of the software you are running.

We have instructions on our web site in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on how to do this, but also have recently put together a Field Exit Article that further explains this process.

If the version of your software still has the version in the help text (or no version at all!) then it is certainly time to update to the latest version.

Please also keep in mind that we do only support the latest versions of our software.

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Bradley V. Stone

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