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The RPG XML Suite!

BVSTools is proud to have recently partnered with Krengel Technology, Inc. to bring you the RPG-XMLSuite. This is in response to the overwhelming request from customers wanting to do web services from RPG without the need for Java. By combining our resources we are able to offer iSeries shops the best toolset for composing, transmitting and parsing XML, SOAP and other documents right from the iSeries RPG environment.

The RPG-XML Suite allows you to communicate with web services from your iSeries using only RPG giving you the ability to extend your existing RPG business logic and DB2 data to other systems that need to gain access to it. No Java or Websphere is used or required!

Because the RPG-XML Suite is 100% iSeries native there is no additional hardware or software required.

Krengel Technology, Inc. also offers professional services for implementing your organization's first round of web services that are specific to your business initiatives. Save valuable time and resources with the RPG-XML Suite and collaborating with Krengel Technology, Inc. at the forefront of your web service initiatives.

You can download a free trial of the RPG-XML Suite by visiting!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Software?

Upgrading versions of our software is FREE! There is no charge for upgrading software except in rare cases. For example, if you are running a version of Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) earlier than v8.00 and are using the SPL2EMAIL command to email spooled files, when you upgrade your version of SPLTOOL you will also need to install (and purchase) eMail Tool (MAILTOOL).

So, if you find that you are a few releases behind on any of our software, feel free to download and install the latest version. There are upgrade instructions with each download and full release notes showing the fixes, updates and changes that were applied for each version release.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

PLAIN and LOGIN Authentication supported with MAILTOOL Plus

MAILTOOL Plus has been updated to support both PLAIN and LOGIN SMTP authentication. Some SMTP servers and email relays require the use of authentication. With this new update you can easily provide an SMTP Authentication user id and password if required. Contact us for more information on this feature.

All Software Now Requires V4R5 or higher

For years we have supported our software at the lowest possible OS release. For quite a while this limit has been V3R2, but because of limitations and updates as well as IBM support for older operating system versions, in the future all of our software will require a minimum of V4R5.

Older versions of the software that are supported on earlier OS versions will still be available upon request, but will not be supported (unless it is the current version).

Logical Partitions and Registration Keys

Over a year ago BVSTools implemented a logical partition registration practice. This included charging 1/2 price for software that will be run on any additional partition on a machine in which full price has already been paid.

To this date the registration key for each partition has been the same as the main partition, but this will be changing in future releases. When this change does occur we will place notes in the readme.txt file of each download with instructions on how to receive your new keys for partitions that you have already purchased.

If you are currently running the software on multiple partitions but have only paid for one copy of the software, please contact us so we can update our records and get this straightened out. This will help things go much more smoothly when this change takes place.

FAQ Snap Shot Featured Software

This week's FAQ Snap Shot is taken from the SPLTOOL FAQ page located at

Q: When converting spooled files to PDF, SPLTOOL works fine for spooled files 132 wide, but spooled files wider than this get truncated. Do you have a solution??

A: Yes. SPLTOOL has a command named SPLTOOL PDF Configuration (SPLPDFCFG) that allows you to set up the attributes of the created PDF file. These attributes are based on the original spooled file's attributes. You can read more about this command and how it works in the online documentation.

More FAQs can be found at FAQs specific to software can be found in the software documentation section at


The SPLTOOL Suite combines our three most popular tools and gives you an easy way to convert and distribute your spooled files in PDF, HTML, Text, RTF or other formats.

SPLTOOL will give you the power to convert *SCS spooled files into PDF, HTML, Text or RTF formats.

AFPTOOL gives you the power to convert *AFPDS spooled files into PDF, TIFF or PCL files.

MAILTOOL is the email "engine" that allows you to easily send emails from your iSeries.

Put all of these together and you've got powerful report distribution package that allows you to send spooled files via email, transfer them via FTP, view them on the web, or save them all for archival purposes!

For more information on the SPLTOOL Suite feel free to visit or contact us directly.


Featured Testimonial

"It is nice to know your software is so well supported. It sure beats phoning a helpdesk, being on hold for 30 minutes and never speaking to someone who really knows what they are talking about."

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