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BVSTools Partners with HITC Software, LLC

Based out of Pahrump, NV, HITC Software, LLC, is a leader in CRM and Integration services for the Gaming and Hospitality industry.

“We’ve worked with Brad Stone and BVSTools for quite some time and are very pleased to finally make it official” says Robert Engelhardt, COO of HITC Software, LLC.

“With our knowledge of the Gaming and Hospitality industry, and the use of API’s offered by BVSTools, we are able to easily meet or exceed the stringent speed to market requirements expected by our customers, as well as further solidify the reliability of our products and services.”

HITC Software, LLC, uses several of BVSTools APIs in their Advisor Suite™ of products. The entire Advisor Suite™ product line is expected to be released in March of 2013 at the Gaming and Technology Conference, at Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas during the 2nd week of March.

As a sponsor at the Gaming and Technology Conference, HITC can also offer attendees a discount of 25% if they use this code to enroll: GTC13GuestHITC

To learn more about HITC Software, LLC and their products and services, please visit

See full press release for HITC Software.

BVSTools Continues Partnership with BlinkEDM

If you're drowning in paper, running out of storage space, or just worried about the affects the next big weather event could have on your business, maybe now is the time to consider electronic document management (EDM).

The software is installed once, on a central server, and accessed through a standard web browser using virtually any device, including Smartphone and iPad. So there's no software to install or maintain on the individual's desktop or device.

Easily integrated with your IBM iSeries application software BlinkEDM will "look" for documents and files on any network drive, including the IFS, and automatically index them with customized database lookup routines.

For more information please call Chris Harwood at (888) 802-0293 or visit

See the full press release for BlinkEDM.

BVSTools Adds New SSL Documentation

We often are helping customers with setting up SSL for our GETURI or MAILTOOL products so we decided to put together documentation that that will help.

If there is any other documentation that you feel would help make the experience of using or products, please let us know!

GreenJab and GreenTools for Google Apps Released

GreenJab is the first XMPP/Jabber client for the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400, System i) and available now from BVSTools!

With GreenJab you can send and receive messages from your IBM i to any XMPP/Jabber client, even Google Talk!

Imagine being able to send a quick message to someone on their Smart Phone, iPad, Android, or any other device that has a XMPP based chat client! Even carry on a conversation with them.

GreenJab could also be used to send messages about critical situations such as a job in MSGW status when paired with JOBWATCH. You could also use your smart phone or other mobile device to send commands or queries to your IBM i to start jobs, retrieve system status, or even email yourself a report.

See the official press release for GreenJab at IBM Systems Magazine as well as an article written by IT Jungle.

Feel free to download a free trial from BVSTools and try it out!

GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) was also recently released which allows you to tie into many of the available Google Apps directly from your IBM i.

Google provides the world with APIs in order to interact with their Calendar, Drive, Cloud Print, and other services. These services require the use of OAuth 2.0 authentication as well as web service calls to their APIs.

BVSTools is taking the complexity out of integrating these tools with G4G and it's addons, which will each be available for specific Google Apps.

Right now G4G provides integration with both Google Cloud Print and Google Calendar, and more will be coming as Google rolls out access to more of their applications.

Using the Google Cloud Print Addon (G4GGCP) you can easily send a document from your IBM i to any printer set up as a cloud printer through Google. This also gives you the option to send the document to your Google Drive, and if it is a valid format it will be converted to PDF as well!

The Google Calendar Addon (G4GGCAL) allows you to retrieve Google Calendar Events to a physical file on your system. It also allows the creation and removal of events from your Google Calendar using simple commands.

All of the addons are included in G4G, but activation is only required for addons that you will use. As more addons become available, they will be added to the product.

G4G was also featured in a Four Hundred Stuff article from IT Jungle.

Click Here to find out more information, view documentation, or download a free trial of GreenTools for Google Apps!


Featured Testimonial

"It is nice to know your software is so well supported. It sure beats phoning a helpdesk, being on hold for 30 minutes and never speaking to someone who really knows what they are talking about."

See more testimonials at


FAQ Snap ShotFeatured Software

This week's FAQ Snap Shot is taken from the MAILTOOL FAQ page located at

Does MAILTOOL work with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other Cloud Servers that require SSL, TLS and Authentication?

Yes! We have worked with many customers to help them set up their systems using MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus to interact with a variety of cloud based servers including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. We personally use Google Apps email so our IBM i requires this as well!

Configuration may require the installation of Certificate Authorities that are specific to the service.

We have a list of the most common CAs available for download as well as our new documentation to help with most things related to SSL on the IBM i. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

We're happy to help!

More FAQs can be found at FAQs specific to software can be found in the software documentation section at

GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G)

GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) is the first toolset allowing integration with your IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) and available Google Apps APIs!


  • Easily interact with Google Apps APIs from command lines.
  • Uses OAuth 2.0 instead of older deprecated authorization techniques.
  • As new APIs are made available they will be added to G4G.
  • Each addon is a separate supported module requiring licensing.
  • Only pay for what you need and use! Requires GETURI v4.08 or higher.

Current G4G Addons

  • Google Cloud Print Addon for G4G (G4GGCP) - Print to any printer set up as a Google Cloud Printer (even your Google Drive) from your IBM i! Soon to be integrated into the SPLTOOL Suite.
  • Google Calendar Addon for G4G (G4GGCAL) - Retrieve entries from any Google Calendar into a database. Use for triggering events, programs, reports, reminders, or whatever you wish! Also add and remove calender entries using simple commands!

View G4G documentation by clicking here! For more information on G4G, feel free to visit or contact us directly.

You can find more software offerings from BVSTools at

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