BVSNews - The Newsletter - Issue 9- December 18, 2006

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Software News

Web Site Updates

We recently added two new features to the website - the Download Queue and a Shopping Cart.

The Download Queue is used to make downloading multiple pieces of software easier and faster. Instead of downloading each piece of software one at a time, now you can simply browse our site and select the "Add to Download Queue" button on each piece of software's home page.

When you are done selecting the software you want to download, you can then use the Download Queue to download all of the software at once as well as request a trial key for every software title in your download queue.

The Shopping Cart is a new feature that makes purchasing BVSTools software easier. When you are ready to purchase software, simply visit the software title's page and select the "Add to Shopping Cart" link for each piece of software you would like to purchase. When you are done, you can "Checkout" and select your payment method to complete the transaction.

If you have any ideas on how to make our site more functional and easy to use, feel free to contact us!

RPG World 2007

Bradley V. Stone will be attending and speaking at the RPG World Spring 2007 Conference and Showcase in Las Vegas, NV. The conference will be held May 20-23rd, 2007 at the Orleans Hotel.

If you haven't yet attended an RPG World conference, we encourage you to do so as leading experts in the RPG world will be on hand offering advice and tips to further your RPG programming skills!

Learn from top industry experts such as Bob Cozzi, Greg Veal, Robert S. Tipton, George Farr and R. Bruce Hoffman.

Bradley will be speaking on RPG CGI programming topics and available for discussion on almost any topic including your software questions.

You can find more information about RPG World by clicking here.

Budgeting and Software

The time for budgets is at hand, and we would like to remind you to keep in mind that if you are performing a hardware upgrade or replacement resulting in a serial number and/or model number change that you will be required to purchase new keys for any software you wish to continue to use.

All too often we are contact by customers after they have upgraded their hardware only to find that their software is no longer functioning. Customers are able to request temporary keys to get the software back up and running, but scrambling to purchase new permanent keys can sometimes be a hassle.

If there are any questions regarding this, you can visit the FAQ Page or contact us for more information.

RPG-XML Suite Receives Tremendous Response!

In the last issue of BVSNews we mentioned the partnering of Krengel Technology, Inc. and to bring you the RPG-XML Suite. Response to this partnering was very positive and responsive.

Krengel Technology, Inc. has found many small to mid-sized shops become frustrated with the complexity and ROI of IBM's WebSphere product. Take advantage of the RPG-XML Suite to accomplish your web service needs while saving both money and time in the process!

The next version of RPG-XML Suite comes complete with code generation – allowing even more time-savings for developers! Be sure to check out our latest quotes and case study by visiting!!

"With RPG-XML Suite, our consumer sales reps no longer need to manually process each website credit card transaction and "clean" orders are now released to the warehouse without any human intervention. This results in world-class benefits for Horizon Hobby!" - Jeff Roloff, Horizon Hobby

RPG-XML Suite enables us to communicate from our AS400 real-time with our credit vendors, and the implementation was quick and easy. I would recommend it to anyone.” Margaret, Spartan Insurance


Featured Testimonial

"We bought MAILTOOL five years ago and never looked back. Since then we’ve sent 247,000 emails with over 120,000 with attachments! Talk about BULLETPROOF! The only times we contacted BVSTools was to buy two other great software packages JOBWATCH and SPLTOOL Suite and when we upgraded machines."

See more testimonials at


FAQ Snap Shot Featured Software

This week's FAQ Snap Shot is taken from the MAILTOOL FAQ page located at

Q: I executed the MAILTOOL command but no email was sent. What did I do wrong?

A: To use MAILTOOL you need to first make sure that you have your AS/400 set up to send emails.

Don't forget to double check that SMTP and MSF are running on your machine. Also check the job logs of these services for any possible errors.

Use the commands to make sure these are up and running:


If they are not, they can be started using the following:


If they are running, test the IBM SMTP server using the SNDDST *LMSG command. If this doesn't work the issue could be with the IBM SMTP server and you should check the job logs of these jobs for any clues.

If you have a recent version of MAILTOOL installed, contact us and we can help you to run a trace using MAILTOOL Plus.

If all else fails, contact your mail router administrator to see if they can trace the emails to see if they are even making it to the mail router.

More FAQs can be found at FAQs specific to software can be found in the software documentation section at

eMail Tool (MAILTOOL)

There's no reason to fight with other Java-based email client applications, unsupported email code or even the very limited Send Distribution (SNDDST) command any longer!

MAILTOOL makes sending emails from your AS/400 simple and effective. Send plain text or HTML messages with the ability to add one or more attachments to each email!

With the newly added MAILTOOL Plus! feature (a separate registration) you can also totally bypass the IBM SMTP server. MAILTOOL Plus! handles the sending of the email by itself so you don't even need to set up the IBM SMTP server or directory entries making sending emails even easier!

  • Features:
  • Easily send emails from your iSeries
  • Send up to 50 attachments per email
  • Allows use of CC and BCC recipients
  • Send emails in text or HTML format
  • Use an existing stream file as the body of the message
  • MUCH more useful and powerful than the SNDDST command
  • With the addition of MAILTOOL Plus!, totally bypass and forget about using the IBM SMTP server as well as implement distribution lists
  • 100% iSeries native application!

You can download MAILTOOL and receive free 30 day trial keys for both MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus! at

MAILTOOL is easily becoming the email standard in the midrange community and is already installed in thousands of shops!

You can find more software offerings from BVSTools at

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Bradley V. Stone

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